I research news articles and comment. Those who oppose Trump will do anything to stay in power which includes leaking government information. The deep state includes corrupt state and local officials.

When you are behind the enemy lines of tyranny the enemy within is all around you. Wednesday, August 1, S. Truett Cathy built his life and Chick-fil-A based on hard work, humility and biblical principles. Watch as Dan takes us through an up-close and personal look at his bees and the lessons we can learn from God's creation.

I have always found more joy in giving when I did not expect anything in return. Truett Cathy, published Truett Cathy is founder and chairman of Chick-fil-A, Inc. Through the years, that restaurant prospered and led Cathy to further the success of his business. Today, Chick-fil-A has the highest same-store sales and is the second-largest quick-service chicken restaurant chain in the United States based on annual system-wide sales. InCathy celebrated his 65th anniversary in the restaurant business with industry-wide recognition: a local celebration at his first restaurant, The Dwarf House in Hapeville, GA.

InCathy celebrated another exciting milestone — the 44th Anniversary of the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain. As of Februarythere are more than 1, Chick-fil-A restaurants in 39 states and Washington, D. Remarkably, Cathy has led Chick-fil-A on an unparalleled record of 44 consecutive years of annual sales increases. Cathy's approach is largely driven by personal satisfaction and a sense of obligation to the community and its young people. His WinShape Foundation, founded ingrew from his desire to "shape winners" by helping young people succeed in life through scholarships and other youth-support programs.

These homes, accommodating up to 12 children with two full-time foster parents, provide long-term care for foster children with a positive family environment. It was founded in to impact young people and families through experiences which enhance their Christian faith, character and relationships. More than 10, campers from throughout the country and abroad attended WinShape Camps in This multi-use facility hosts marriage-enrichment retreats, along with business and church-related conferences, and in summer months, houses WinShape Camp for girls.

Cathy built his life and business based on hard work, humility and biblical principles. Based on these principles, all of Chick-fil-A's restaurants operate with a "Closed-on-Sunday" policy, without exception. Cathy has received countless awards over the years, including William E.

'UFO' Sighting in Woodbury ... Monroe Too [POLL]

In addition to presiding over one of the most successful restaurant chains in America, Cathy is a dedicated husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. His two sons, Dan and Don "Bubba"have both followed their father in learning the business from the ground-up. InCathy welcomed the third generation of Cathy family members to the business. Truett Cathy and his wife, Jeannette, have 12 grandchildren, eleven great-grandchildren as of February and more than "foster grandchildren.

Get to know the Cathy Family - the founding family of Chick-fil-A - and learn more about the many initiatives, foundations, values, and dreams that help shape your favorite restaurant.

Venture deep into the Chick-fil-A culture and discover how where we've been and where we are allows us to dream big about where we're going The Cathy Family Videos Why not just leave the sodomites alone and let them live their own lives?August 4, Madison, Friday night. Posted by Ann Althouse at PM 36 comments.

Tags: Madisonphotography. Posted by Ann Althouse at PM 32 comments. Tags: Clint Eastwoodmasculine beautyMitt Romney. Acid attacks in Colombia. The truth is life is too hard and I am alone.

Stearman N27WE landing at kHWY on 7/29/12

Posted by Ann Althouse at PM 19 comments. Tags: Colombiacrime. Architects dressed as their buildings. Posted by Ann Althouse at PM 14 comments. Tags: architecturephotography. Barack Obama was right about this if only this : Modern democratic politics is about hope and change. Ryan and Rubio, more than anyone else, embody Republican hopes and conservative change. I'm not agreeing with this Posted by Ann Althouse at PM comments.

Tanning is so disliked in China that some people wear a head and face covering — ski-mask-style — to go out swimming. Meanwhile, in the United States, the infamous "tanning mom" has de-tanned somewhat. Posted by Ann Althouse at AM 21 comments. Tags: tanning. They're eating what they collect from the public, but the alms-givers are giving them fattening things, apparently. Posted by Ann Althouse at AM 19 comments. Tags: BuddhismcharityfatThailand.


A Drudgetaposition. This line-up at Drudge right now is no accident. Next to that we see the double-amputee with highly effective prostheses. Olympics spoiler alert.

It's a challenge to complete the implied statement, but we can see the relationship. Click to enlarge. The Obama pic goes with "8. He's referring to the unemployment rate, which was announced as 8. The missile pic goes to a story about Iran test-firing a long-range missile. And the amputee picture is "Legless Pistorius makes Olympic history; Qualifies for meter dash I'll say: masculine power.

Posted by Ann Althouse at AM 23 comments. Tags: disabilityIranObama economicsOlympicsphallic symbolPistorius. Said Palladian Posted by Ann Althouse at AM 29 comments.

Tags: meditationPalladiansandwichvegetablesYouTube. A kiss-in should be a love-in or it shouldn't be done at all.Travels With Dick and Judy Follow us in our trials, triumphs and tribulations, while on the road in our motor home "The Liberty Belle". Travel with us as we take you on the road with us in our new lifestyle.

I may grow older, but I'll never grow up! In the meantime, here are some of the pics we shot while out and about the past week. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy sharing the bounties of nature this area has to offer. Hike around Bear Lake and up to Alberta Falls. Logan, my normally hyperactive grandson, spotted this hare on the Alberta Falls segment and motioned for all of us to "be still".

Notice his paw is still with its winter camo for the snow. Many "shrooms" can be eaten with no ill effects. Trust me These are not of that ilk. No matter where you go in the park, flowers abound. Some are solitary figures; others seek their kind. You have a question? It's a short trail, but the destination is not the only reward!

The journey took us past some beautiful scenes. Sorry folks; I left my wide angle back at the car. Thursday was determined as the day we were to cross the Great Divide. Actually, we went in search of the stately moose. We had heard rumors we could lay our eyes on some on the Western slope.

After seeing the elk, we were even more determined to find a moose!Saturday, August 04, Drought one of worst in history, but not necessarily economic disaster, Kansas City Fed bankers write. Labels: cattlecorncrop pricesdroughteconomyhogslivestockmeatpackingpoultrysoybeansweather.


Friday, August 03, Michigan county's papers among many winners in National Newspaper Association's annual contest.

Labels: accountability journalismagricultural journalismawardscommunity journalismeditorial leadershipeditorialsinvestigative reportingjournalismnewspapersrural journalism.

Senate blocks drought disaster aid, presses for full-scale Farm Bill; House bipartisan rebellion stirs. Democrats who control the Senate want the House to vote on the larger Farm Bill before the Senate will consider disaster relief. Labels: agricultureCongressFarm Billfarm subsidiesfarmersfarmingpolitics. Activists fight plans to build coal-haul railroads, ports in West and power plants on Asian coasts.

Locals in rural communities across the West are concerned that some of the world's biggest coal and railroad companies will build rail lines through their backyards to haul Powder River Basin coal to the coast and on to Asia.

They fear pollution, noise and congestion. Similarly, Asian activists don't want coal-fired power plants built next to traditional fishing communities. As a result, world-wide environmental groups, grassroots groups in India and China, doctors in Oregon and Washington, local governments in rural towns -- including Mosier, Ore. Ring reports that big coal companies, including Arch Coal Inc. But stricter regulations on burning fossil fuels and the natural gas boom have decreased the need for coal in Eastern power plants.

Companies are selling to China and India, he writes, because those countries "are on a coal-fired power-plant building binge. Read more. Labels: coaleconomyenvironmentinternational trademiningrailroadstradetransportation.

Labels: drillingenergyenvironmentfrackinghydraulic fracturingnatural gas. Reporter finds Chick-fil-A debate very complex in South, where food is cultural. Perhaps, not since the Civil Rights movement of the s and 60s has a restaurant been so embroiled in controversy. Choosing to eat at Chick-fil-A "is not as simple as choosing sides in a national cultural war" for Southerners, Severson reports. Southerner Justin Breen told Severson the chain is "tradition," something she writes is "laced throughout daily life in the South.

Southerners are very "proud and fiercely protective of homegrown brands," she writes. University of North Carolina 's Marcie Cohen Ferris said Southerners have strong associations with Southern-founded fast food chains because "they speak of industrialization and becoming a part of modern America, but still holding on to identity.

Labels: defining ruralfoodgay marriageGLBTreligion. Thursday, August 02, House passes drought-aid bill, as outlook for overall Farm Bill remains unclear. The House passed a disaster aid package today to help cattle and sheep ranchers who are running out of pasture and up against high feed prices. The vote was Congress has relatively little time to legislate before that, because it is starting a recess that will run through Labor Day. The chairmen of the House and Senate agriculture committees were scheduled to meet tonight "to begin negotiations toward a potential compromise that could be called up in September if the political winds shift enough in favor of action," Rogers writes.Thursday, August 2, St Isaac of Nineveh.

Unlike the schisms with the Oriental Orthodox Church and the Roman Patriarchate which were explicit mutual excommunications levied at the same time as charges of heresy and theological dispute, the rupture with the Church of the East was more subtle. We are dealing with two Churches—Eastern Orthodox and Church of the East--who have fallen out of communion over a long period of increasingly strained communication that has resulted in more of a mutual isolation from each other than an explicit mutual excommunication.

Saint Isaac is the tender and iconic emblem of one of the last moments when we communicated in a meaningful way. Mar Isaac of Nineveh poses the question: was he a member of the Church and if so does that mean that the church of which he was part was Orthodox in ADwhen he reposed? The great luminary of the life of stillness, Saint Isaac, was born in the early seventh century in Eastern Arabia, the present-day Qatar on the Persian Gulf.

He became a monk at a young age, and at some time left Arabia to dwell with monks in Persia. He was consecrated Bishop of Nineveh and is therefore sometimes called "Saint Isaac of Nineveh"but after five months received permission to return to solitude; he spent many years far south of Nineveh in the mountainous regions of Beit Huzaye, and lastly at the Monastery of Rabban Shabur.

He wrote his renowned and God-inspired Ascetical Homilies toward the end of his long life of monastic struggle, about the end of the seventh century. The fame of his Homilies grew quickly, and about one hundred years after their composition they were translated from Syriac into Greek by two monks of the Monastery of Mar Sabbas in Palestine, from which they spread throughout the monasteries of the Roman Empire and became a guide to the hesychasts of all generations thereafter.

He is an unquestionable father of ascetics and visionary of the grace of God, venerated from East to West. When we venerate someone as a saint and icon of salvation in the Church, it is clear that we express our trust that the person proved faithful to the Christ through his Body, the Church.

Perhaps, his veneration is a sign that in AD the Church of the East was indeed considered Orthodox. When we consider Mar Isaac within the scope and aim of this blog his person and how we venerate him in Orthodoxy and the Church of the East poses a striking question: Where do we, as Orthodox Christians, put the chronological dividing line between the saints we venerate and those we do not venerate of those who come from the Church of the East?

If Saint Isaac is a saint of the Orthodox Church are all those recognized as saints by the Church of the East prior to him, also saints? Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.Gustavo Bourdieu74, a resident of Hancock, passed away suddenly on Monday, September 17, Gustavo was born in Buenos Aires, Arge By Michele Bourdieu.

Kristen Mariuzza, right, Rio Tinto Eagle Project environmental and permitting manager for technology and innovation, and Dan Blondeau, center, Rio Tinto advisor in communications and media relations, field questions from Steve Garske of Marenisco, Mich.

Photos by Keweenaw Now unless otherwise indicated. This photo shows parts of the two contact basins and the paved contact area from which they collect water to be treated in the plant. In the background is the portal to the mine, through a decline tunnel being drilled under Eagle Rock, the tree-covered outcrop at the left.

The clean water, from the tank pictured here in the background, goes to the Multi Media Filters, and the waste stream in the tank in the foregroundgoes to the Filter Press. This photo shows the Sodium Zeolite Ion Exchange filters. Only two are ever operating at one time. The third unit is on standby; for example, in the event of maintenance the system continues to operate.

In his right hand, Blondeau is holding the contents of a Multi Media Filter and in his left he is holding the contents of the Sodium Zeolite Ion Exchange filter. These contents are placed in the clear containers so that people can see what is inside each filter.

The Multimedia filters help remove suspended solids from the water similar to the way a coffee filter removes coffee grounds. The Sodium Zeolite filters remove hardness from the water similar to household water softeners. This Reverse Osmosis system removes ions from water that has already gone through the previous steps. This storage facility is for development rock, which is all rock removed from the underground that is not considered ore. The facility features a multi-layered liner, leak detection system and sump pump to collect water which will be treated by the water treatment plant.

It is considered environmentally secure. All development rock will be returned underground as fill. The decline tunnel is 18 feet in diameter and descends under Eagle Rock at a 13 percent grade Every feet it drops 13 feet.

This closer view of the decline tunnel shows the orange part of a pipe going underground and pulling clean air into the tunnel. This photo shows the outcrop, Eagle Rock, which is surrounded by a fence. The decline tunnel being blasted to access the ore body is at right. These are the mine haulage vehicles that go underground.

YDWP purchased 40 acres last fall in order to protect the fragile ecosystems of the watershed and ensure access is preserved to the McCormick Wilderness Area. Members and non-members are invited. Here is a schedule of events: p.

This year, there are three seats up for vote: chairman and two directors.Friday, August 3, Humble Your Denomination.


Humble Your Denomination. I know that I am long winded but I think you being an intellect will give me some room to wiggle. Not all teaching is for all people, theology confuses most Christians and most have no idea what they believe, and cannot explain the process of salvation if it meant their life, and it does.

You will find in the Christian faith there are many that cannot stand sound doctrine and will come up against you for teaching it. There is a whole lot that I want to teach the church but most would run away if they had sound teaching. So I give this to you that you, peradventure, that you may come into the understanding of what God has in store for you. But more importantly that you will be counted among those that can rightly discern what is the faith in which rest all your hopes.

Concerning Defending the Faith Concerning defending the faith, I try to caution against the immature Christians trying to defend the faith. And to bring all men to Christ is our first and most important goal. Yet though I would like, I am not addressing it, but it is addressed for and alternative standpoint. However, I am directly addressing the issue of respecting differences within our faith, and why we need to humble ourselves to fit into their way of doing things when we visit them.

It should be noted that I am speaking of other Christians that worship Christ differently form us. Defining Denominations. Denominations are the tools by which the devil uses to pit one Christian against another. Ye t denominations are very essential in fulfilling the depth of our worship. This in itself is what makes the world at enmity to the fullness of the Gospel. For the Christian the law is secondary and thus is always trumped by Grace and its redemption which comes through faith in Jesus Christ.

Christianity as it was in the book of Acts is able to transcend all cultures, social and financial levels and traditions this is the why we have an array of different denominations. Christianity molds to the culture without ever giving up the truth of the Gospel. Because Christianity does not deal with what we do, but having a right heart before God and faith in Christ Jesus.

The implications of our faith are not held in constraint by man, or his traditions, or even social status.

2006 Georgia Code - 48-7-29.12

So what is a denomination and what does the word mean? The word denomination means to separate by name. It is this unified foundation doctrine that make Christianity a religion. This statement is over and above any personal opinion we have of religion. When we consider this meaning and its application in Christendom we find a pure unmolested use, which is good; that is until we try to apply it to congregations like our own that profess being non-denominational.

Of course we know that this is utterly impossible both in logic and worship. Because a church without denomination would be without doctrine and their members would be ignorant to the word God. The Dichotomy of Non-Denominational. Since doctrine is nothing more than teaching, a non-denominational church would have to accept all doctrine of every church in worship.

Neither doctrine is correct, neither is incorrect even though proponents of both will bet, and are betting their salvation on being correct. This of course is true of any denomination for which we apply this simple reasoning. If baptism is a requirement for salvation as the Baptist and Roman Catholics both contend. Then e very other person who has ever put his faith in Jesus Christ but was not either Catholic or Baptist will burn eternally in hell.

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